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December 6, 2016
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As women approach and enter their 60s, the life they pictured for themselves in retirement is just around the corner. Some women may have already quit working, while others are thinking about retiring and deciding what they want to do next. Other women want to keep working and wouldn’t have their life any other way. While it may sound like these three categories of women are very different, the reality is that all of them will face the same kinds of issues. Retirement can seem a little unsettling due to fear of the unknown, but it doesn’t have to be.

I join Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me to talk about major issues that affect women as they enter this new stage of life. Check out these interviews and if you have a question we haven’t discussed yet, write me a comment to tell me what questions you would like to see answered.



  1. Kim Harte says:

    Dear Ms.Krueger,
    I am 63 years old. I am alone, broke, fat and my body has betrayed me with various chronic illnesses. Because of pain and depression I have become addicted to Norco and Adderral because I do have ADD. I have only held jobs where I am on my feet. I was once a restaurant manager but on the way to work more than twenty years ago I was in a terrible auto accident. It was three weeks before Princesses Di was killed. I have seen various doctors of all specialty’s. I find if I don’t take Adderral I can perform at the level needed to maintain my job. I work part time and I’m on SSDI but it is not enough money to support me. I don’t have any family or friends I can turn too. I am extremely frightened for the future!!!!! I don’t have the skills to maintain a more sedentary position. Quite frankly, after three back surgeries, moderately severe osteoarthritis and varies other ailments I wish I didn’t have to work although I like people. I don’t have a social network. My twenty-four year old son lives with me. He too was in a car accident that disrupted his course. He is not lazy but is very confused about his future. I know there is nothing you can do . I guess I needed to vent. In a million years I never thought I would be alone, broke and fat with a once very strong body betraying me. I am so afraid I’m going to end up on the street. Thank you for listening.❤️


    Thank you Pam; looking forward to a Wealthramp Financial Advisor in upstate South Carolina. Camille

    • Pam Krueger says:

      Hi Camille,

      I will email you privately but just know I’ve already profiled, background checked and interviewed one advisor who is an excellent fit. Still, I want you to have more than just one option. Mostly because like anything else in life, it’s good to have two who meet all your preferences but of course, have different personalities and slightly different approaches. I’ll continue working to get the second advisor lined up after the holiday, and will be in touch once I feel these are two solid candidates. Meantime, Happy T-Day! Pam

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